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E-Health Care Coaching

Managing your Primary Health Care Needs

Our E-Health Care Coaching is an online support service that helps you navigate our complex health care system. It supports you in asking the right questions to your healthcare providers and direct you to the right resources that you need.

In addition, we will support you with your complex rehabilitation needs. 



As occupational therapist I have seen many families and individuals struggle in navigating our fragmented health care system, especially when they are faced with complex health conditions. Often times they are not sure what to ask or who to turn to for advise. Many new arrivals to Canada face similar challenges. They might not be familiar with our health care system and how it works.

Primary care is an essential part of our health. Unfortunately, it's complex and not always easy to manage, especially when you have different health care providers involved. This is why E-Health Care Coaching was created. It meant to support you in navigating the health care system so you can focus on what matters, your health and well being!  


Who is it for?

E-Health Care Coaching is for you if you:

  1. Ever wondered what you should ask your health care provider during your visit. 

  2. You are facing complex medical problems and not sure who should help with which part of your care.

  3. You are in need of rehabilitation services and not sure how to proceed. 

  4. You have complex rehabilitation needs and require ongoing rehabilitation and home health services. 

  5. You need to access the public health care system but not sure how to proceed.

  6. You need education on the role of different clinicians who are caring for you.

  7. You need to learn how to advocate for yourself.

  8. You are not sure how to manage your chronic disease.

  9. You are a caregiver to a friend or a family member and feeling burnout.

  10. You are wondering what private and public community and health resources that are available for you.

  11. New arrivals to Canada.

  12. Other questions that you could think of about your particular situation.

What is it not for?

E-Health Care Coaching is NOT meant to provide:

  1. Medical care or advise.

  2. Support for minors, age 18 and younger.

  3. A rehabilitation care plan without a comprehensive evaluation. You will need to book an appointment with me if you are interested in such a plan.

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