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Tammam El-Khodor


1. Individual Clinical Counselling- $ 160/ 50 minutes.

2. Couples Counselling- $ 180/  50 minutes. 

3. Couples Counselling- $ 270/ 80 minutes.

Counselling E-Therapy- $ 60/ Week

With the E-Therapy option, you have unlimited access to emailing us with questions about your mental health issues. We will respond to you within 24 hrs.


Please note that E-Therapy is not meant for crisis situations. If you are in immediate danger, suicidal, or know someone who is suicidal please call 911 or the suicide hotline at 1-800-784-2433.

Occupational Therapy

1. Occupational Therapy Evaluation- $ 135/ 50 minutes

2. Occupational Therapy Treatment- $ 120/ 50 minutes

3. Occupational Therapy Home Visit- $ 180/ 50 minutes

E-Health Care Coaching- $ 60/ week

E-Health Care is an online support service that helps you navigate our complex healthcare system. It supports you in navigating the healthcare system including clarifying your questions to your healthcare providers and directing you to the right resources that you need. You have unlimited access to emailing us with your questions.

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